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Photograph of Sand Island site on the banks of the San Juan River

Sand Island site on the banks of the San Juan River

Panorama photograph of the Sand Island panel

Panorama of the Sand Island panel

Along the fertile path of the San Juan River just south of Bluff, Utah; sit the rugged cliffs of Sand Island, site of one of the world's most spectacular panels of rock art. Running for over 300 feet, its varnished sandstone face rises 60 feet above the river basin floor. This powerful edifice is blanketed with hundreds of petroglyphs carved by both historic and prehistoric peoples. Since before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, Sand Island has served as a repository of life imagery for countless human generations. Enigmatic and enchanting, their origin and meaning still challenge us.

This beautifully presented traveling exhibit of 22-22"x30" graphic panels explores Sand Island from many perspectives. Rock art specialists, archeologists, local residents, and Native Americans offer their views on how the panel is understood today. How old is it; how do we interpret it; why is it significant; how can it be preserved, are some of questions addressed. Documentation of the panel initiated by local tribe elders to help conserve the site is also chronicled in the exhibit.

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