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Mindscapes: The Aerial Photography of Adreil Heisey
Heisey in Flight

Heisey in Flight



With the control stick strapped to his knee and his hands free to work, Adriel Heisey navigates his hand-built Ultra-light aircraft slowly over the land, his lens open to what lies below. The results are mysterious and compelling images that move between pure documentation and powerful abstraction. Their visual power invokes memories, associations, and emotions that are rooted the in vast landscape of the American Southwest.

Mindscapes: The Aerial Photography of Adriel Heisey is a beautifully framed set of 27 dramatic color photographs, including personal observations by the artist about each print.

"My work lives in a place that quietly breathes with infinite form and color, a place that both invites and resists the grasp of the human imagination. A place unparalleled, a place from the sky."  -A.H.

Heisey's photographs are in private and corporate collections worldwide. His images have been published in National Geographic, Smithsonian, Geo, and Natural History. He is author of the book Under the Sun: A Sonoran Desert Odyssey.

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