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General Program Questions

How many students are enrolled in the Museum and Field Studies Program?

Can undergraduate and graduate students from other departments take museum studies courses?

Do you offer online courses or distance learning?

What kind of internships do MFS students take?

Can previous work experience be substituted for an internship?

What kind of jobs do MFS students have after graduation?

What kind of degree is awarded by the MFS program?

What is the difference between the M.S. and the Professional Certificate programs?

What is the difference between a Master's thesis and a Master's project?


What are the qualifications required for applying to the MFS program?

What are the Graduate School requirements for admission?

Are applicants required to hold a Bachelor's degree in a certain field?

Do you require prior experience in museums?

How many applications does the MFS program receive and how many students are admitted?

Can I apply for admission for spring or summer semesters?

What is the Educational Testing Service GRE reporting code for the Museum and Field Studies Program?

How do I arrange a visit to discuss the program and visit the CU-Boulder Campus?

How can I arrange a tour of the CU-Boulder Campus?

How can I contact current students and alumni from the Museum & Field Studies Program?

Does the statement of purpose have to be specific length?

Will I be notified once my application is complete?

When is the application deadline?

Where do I send my application?

Do I have to send all of my application information in at once?

Do you accept letters of recommendation by email?

Do you offer deferred admission?


Is there a difference between resident and non-resident tuition?

How much is tuition at CU-Boulder?

Does the MFS Program offer scholarships or financial aid?

Does the MFS Program offer teaching assistantships?

Are grants available to support student research?

Is work-study available to MFS graduate students?

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