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MFS GRADUATE PROGRAM - Faculty/Staff/Collections Managers


Picture of M. Deane Bowers

Dr. M. Deane Bowers
Professor of EBIO (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Curator of Entomology
PhD, University of Massachusetts
Interests: insect ecology, evolution, and behavior, plant-insect interactions, chemical ecology, biology of butterflies and moths
Website: The Deane Bowers Lab Group
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Read an interview with Dr. M. Deane Bowers:
Five Questions for M. Deane Bowers

Picture of Karen Chin in lab

Dr. Karen Chin
Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
Curator of Paleontology
PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara
Interests: paleoecology, the study of fossil feces and dinosaur paleobiology
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Picture of Jaelyn Eberle in lab

Dr. Jaelyn Eberle
Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
PhD, University of Wyoming
Interests: vertebrate paleontology and ancient mammals
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Picture of Rob Guralnick

Dr. Robert Guralnick
Associate Professor of EBIO (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Curator of Invertebrates
PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Interests: invertebrate zoology, especially molecular evolution and conservation in freshwater systems; phylogeny of invertebrates; morphometrics
Website: Guralnick Lab
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Picture of Pat Kociolek

Dr. J. Patrick Kociolek
Director - University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
Director of Museum and Field Studies Program
Professor of EBIO (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Curator of Diatoms
PhD, University of Michigan
Interests: taxonomy, systematics, and ecology of diatoms
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Picture of Steve Lekson

Dr. Stephen Lekson
Professor of Anthropology
Curator of Anthropology
PhD, University of New Mexico
Interests: American Southwest archaeology, museums and interpretation
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Picture of Christy McCain

Dr. Christy McCain
Assistant Professor of EBIO (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Curator of Vertebrates
PhD, University of Kansas
Interests: community ecology, biodiversity, climate change, mammalogy, and vertebrate biology
Website: Christy McCain, PhD
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Picture of Jen Shannon

Dr. Jennifer Shannon
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Curator of Cultural Anthropology
PhD, Cornell University
Interests: Anthropology of Museums, Contemporary Indigeneity, Ethics and Collaborative Practice, Native North America and Caribbean
Website: Jen Shannon
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Picture of Dena Smith

Dr. Dena Smith
Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology
PhD, University of Arizona
Interests: terrestrial paleontology, fossil insects, insects and climate change, taphonomy
Websites: Dr. Dena M. Smith
Invertebrate Paleontology and Paleobotany Lab
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Teaching Staff

Picture of Charles Counter

Charles Counter
Senior Instructor Adjoint in Museology
Exhibits Coordinator - University Museum
MFA, Otis/Parsons School of Design
Interests: exhibit development and design, evaluation, visitor studies, learning in museums
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Picture of Jim Hakala

James Hakala
Senior Educator - University Museum
MAT, The George Washington University
Interests: museum education, evaluation, interpretation, program development
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Picture of Cathy Regan

Dr. Cathy Regan
Education Coordinator
GAMES (Girls At the Museum Exploring Science)
PhD, University of Colorado
Interests: museum education, informal science education, outreach
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Program Staff

Janet Bensko
Graduate Program Coordinator
Phone: 303-492-5437
Fax: 303-735-0128

Collections Managers

Christina Cain

Christina Cain
Collections Manager of Anthropology
Phone: 303-492-2198
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Mariko Kageyama

Mariko Kageyama
Collections Manager of Vertebrate Zoology
Phone: 303-492-0160
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Talia Karim

Talia Karim
Collections Manager of
Invertebrate Paleontology
Phone: 303-492-0018
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