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Fossils in the Classroom Materials and Resources

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The goals for the Fossils in the Classroom Project are to engage elementary students and teachers in communities across Colorado in the study of the ancient prehistory of Colorado through hands-on experience with fossil animals and plants that once lived here, and to get students turned on to science through Paleontology (the study of fossil life). Our project goals directly address the new Colorado State Curriculum Standard related to fossils (2. Life Science 2.) for 4th grade students through the following activities:

  1. Hands-on teaching kits containing real and cast fossils and lessons for elementary schools;
  2. Training to teachers in their districts on how to best use the kits in their classrooms;
  3. A poster for the classroom featuring photographs of fossils from the CU Museum’s Paleontology Collection, a Colorado map of the geologic age of rocks in Colorado and a listing of places to see fossils in Colorado.

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