Beetles...An exhibition exploring the diversity, beauty & behavior of beetles. Oct. 8, 2012 - Sept. 8, 2013 Beetles...

Oct. 8, 2012 – Oct. 8, 2013
Beetles Exhibition

bark beetle


About the exhibition

Dung Beetle photo

Dung Beetle by Steve Jenkins

Beetles are one of the most successful organisms on the planet. Representing 40 percent of all insects and having existed for millions of years, they make up 25 percent of all known species.

Immerse yourself in "Beetles" and explore their diversity, beauty and behavior. Highlighting hundreds upon hundreds of beetles the exhibition includes: the dung beetle, famous for recycling animal feces, and in fact, one species is successful in removing 80 percent of all cattle droppings in parts of Texas; Hercules beetles, as part of the rhinoceros beetle subfamily, is capable of supporting 850 times its weight making it the strongest animal on earth; and the well known and beautiful ladybug is considered an omen of good luck!

The exhibition includes a special display of beetle artwork created by local artist and author Steve Jenkins.

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