Specimen Database of Colorado Vascular Plants

This database has been replaced by our new database located at

No further updates will be made to this database. All specimen data previously housed here have been transfered to the new location.

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Welcome to the CU Museum Herbarium's Specimen Database of Colorado Vascular Plants. This database contains label data for specimens housed at Herbarium COLO only. Data entry is complete for historical collections and is ongoing for newly accessioned specimens. Type specimens are in a separate database, Colorado Type Specimens. Please note, your browser must have JavaScript enabled to search this database. For questions or comments, please contact

Last updated December 22, 2011

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Note: Synonyms are included in genus, specific epithet and infraspecific information pull-down boxes. If you search on a taxon name that is a synonym of the accepted name used by COLO, the records returned will show the COLO name. If your search is not returning any records, or is returning records that seem erroneous, check the Catalog of the Colorado Flora for COLO's accepted name and relevant synonymy.

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