Image of Wesley Eugene Hall.

Wesley Eugene Hall

Invertebrate Zoology
Collections Manager

I have worked in university-based natural history collections for 30 years, including the University of Arizona, Tucson, the University of Nebraska State Museum, Lincoln, and the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, Boulder. Collections experience includes Invertebrate & Vertebrate Zoology, fossil insects and Botany. I am interested in collections as active resources to document and preserve our planet's biodiversity, using specimen data for scientific research and public outreach worldwide.

My research program focuses on the evolutionary biology of Invertebrates, mainly Insects. I am interested in the systematics, taxonomy and biogeography of beetles (Coleoptera), most notably Featherwing Beetles (Ptiliidae), the beetle suborder Myxophaga (Hydroscaphidae and Sphaeriusidae), New World species of Limnichidae, morphology of the beetle pterothorax and spermatheca, and a general interest in arctic-alpine and desert Coleoptera. Non-beetle interests include pygmy grasshoppers (Tetrigidae).



email: Wesley.Hall@Colorado.EDU

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